Blueberry Picking | Wild Berry Farm Sadler, Tx | Flower Mound Child Family Photography

Wild Berry Farm, Flower Mound Child Family Photography

This blog features a bit of a personal project where my children and I visited a berry picking farm in Sadler, Texas.

Finally, I have revisited these photos from our summer berry pick’n trip! It was a steamy hot June day out in the farm lands of Sadler, Texas, a small town about 1.5 hours from Dallas. We arrived at Wild Berry Farm on the last day of berry picking. We gathered blueberries and raspberries, which were rather sparse. We managed to gather enough to make a fresh berry pie (sadly not pictured)! Other folks also picked fresh vegetables off the vines. There was also a sunflower field, but they had been harvested or were shriveling in the sun. Maybe next year we will have sunflower photos!

These inventions are called “rat rollers”. The kids pushed this giant wheel on the the rails, like a hamster would play. The game got a little rough for us “city” folks!

As the seasons change, I hope to discover more pick’n type of places!

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