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What to Wear Flower Mound Family Photography

Wear what you love! #1 Rule!

Sometimes it helps that mom picks out her clothes first and then choose complimentary clothing for the rest of the family. If mom is happy, everyone is happy. Choose color schemes such as creams, browns, jewel tones, greens, or other combinations. Keep the style of clothing classic, to last the test of time. Adding texture by layering a jacket or adding vest, are fun touches too. If you love accessories such as jewelry, hats, and scarves, go for it! Wear shoes that are neutral tones and blend with the outfit and with the photography session location.

Maternity Photography

Make sure the children are comfortable. If clothing is too itchy or tight, this will show in the photos. Have your child wear clothing that allows them to move easily and shoes that fit well. Bring along a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or action hero. We can capture images of your child WITH that item. Later, you will look at the photos and remember how that item was endearing to your child.

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Some styles to avoid include everyone wearing the exact same color, like a white shirt with denim. Matching too closely can distract from the beauty of your photograph. Also, clothing with name brand logos, words, and pictures should be avoided as they date the photo and are distracting. Avoid VERY bright neon colors as they interfere with skin tones. Also do not mix diverse patterns, for example, polka dots with a striped shirt are not a good idea! Dads and boys should avoid wearing bright tennis shoes.

Above all, wear pieces that express your family best and will allow you to enjoy the experience.

For wardrobe ideas of a large group, visit here!




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