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Its that time of year again when parents feel excitement to finally get into a regular routine and start school. Sibling arguments may end, and the never ending “I am bored” statement will be hushed with the busyness of school days. Other parents may feel an ache in their heart as they realize it is time to let their children take another step of independence. Either way, it is a stepping stone in childhood and parenthood!

It is time to set our children free, but also help them have stable roots to face decisions when parents are not present. It is a large task to give our children wings and also roots to stay grounded.

I pulled some seeds of knowledge from Roots and Wings: How to Give Your Kids The Best Gift Ever by Cally Worden. from A Fine Parent

Parents are like parachutes. They soften the fall, but the trick is knowing when to pull the chord!

“We have to remember that we are our children’s parachutes – there to let them break the fall and land softly. But in order to help our kids flourish we need also to be willing to allow a little free form skydiving before deploying the chute.”

Roots hold up a tree and provide nutrients for it to remain stable and grow strong. We give our children roots by helping them develop a healthy emotional and spiritual well being. This foundation can help them face different situations.

We want our children to fly and soar! We have to help them take the first leap. Encourage them. Acknowledge their feelings. Create a safe environment for them to feel comfortable sharing their feelings.

“Raising strong kids is partly about providing a strong base to which they can feel attached and safely grounded. When this is in place, our children will internalize it and use it as a springboard for healthy growth. In allowing our children this freedom to explore in the context of caring boundaries we provide the ideal platform for them to fly.”

As school approaches, I wish you all the courage to help your babies take another step in growing up!


Matilda Jane Fall 2019 Collection, contact the trunk keeper.

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