High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX
High School Senior,  what to wear

High School Senior Portraits Westlake

High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX

Despite it being mid December, this Highland Park neighborhood in Dallas provided the perfect setting with lush greenery in every direction. The stone staircases, the winding paths, and castle like bridges created a perfect setting for a variety of looks for a senior portrait session.

High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX
High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX

Planning Your Senior Portraits

With each session, I take time with the client to create a photo session that depict’s the teens interests, personality, and style. The process usually involves these steps.

Consultation: This begins with a consultation on the phone, usually with the parent scheduling the session. We discuss the teen’s style preferences. I explain location options such as urban, modern, natural, and manicured gardens. The next topic is wardrobe, as well as the teens interests and hobbies.

Wardrobe Planning: I advise clients to choose three outfits in each style:

  • Formal- Young men bring sports coats, suits, or a tuxedo while girls may bring a prom dress.
  • Semi-Dressy- Young men tend to wear khakis, dark wash jeans with a tailored shirt. Girls wear skirts, rompers, or jeans with a decorative top.
  • Casual- This is where the teen can relax in one of their favorite outfits such as jeans and relaxed tops.
  • Accessories: Bringing along accessories creates many diverse looks in a 60 minute session. Items for young men include scarves, vests, ties, sunglasses, and jackets. Girls can accessorize with hats, scarves, jewelry, cardigans, and vests.
  • Shoes- It is a great idea to bring several types of shoes to the session for each outfit type. Loafers, ankle boots, and athleisure tennis shoes are great for boys. Girls have a large variety of shoe options such as booties, riding boots, heals, sandals, and athleisure shoes.

Special Interests and Hobbies: If the teen has a particular interest, sport, or hobby, I am glad to incorporate that into the session. For example, one senior was on the bass fishing team, so we included his fishing pole, jersey, and even his boat! To view this session follow the link. Another senior was a ballerina, so we included photos of her in pointe.

Tips for a Successful Session: I advise the teen to bring the outfits ready to go on hangers. We usually begin with the most formal outfit and change outfits to more casual. Outfit changing is part of the session time, so it is very helpful to have outfits organized.

I work very closely with the clients to ensure their session runs smoothly. These tips prepare the client with expectations. I am always happy to provide input on wardrobe selection as well as location ideas.

High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX
High School Senior Portraits Westlake | Highland Park, TX
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