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Dallas Beauty Portraits

Dallas Beauty Portraits, Lumen Room WHITE

This Dallas beauty portraits session celebrated my beautiful friend welcoming her 40th birthday! Her vision was to use white and black to create a story of her life, her journey of learning and changing through the decades. The Lumen Room’s White studio was perfect for her vision. Her wardrobe worked wonderfully with the setting!

My client did a wonderful job at planning her wardrobe! She wanted simplicity and elegance! Her clothing was classic with small details that played well with the black walls and white walls. Her choice of a bright hot pink tutu worked perfectly at creating a pop of color against the white walls. Her jewelry choices added visual interest, but did not overwhelm her features or the images. She was very prepared with several jewelry options for each outfit. Take a read at more tips on planning your wardrobe on my style guide.

Her first set of portraits were very simple, and portrayed her natural beauty and traditional jewelry from her home country in Africa.

Dallas Beauty Portraits Lumen Room
Dallas Beauty Portraits Lumen Room

The next set featured her modern professionalism. She is a beast in the career world. This woman works tirelessly to please her clients.

Dallas Beauty Portraits Lumen Room

Lastly, we celebrated a vibrant future in a new decade with a bright pink tutu! We had so much fun dancing and singing in the fun clothing.

Dallas Beauty Portraits Lumen Room
Dallas Beauty Portraits Lumen Room

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