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This family arrived for their family fall session, and I was surprised to see they were expecting their second child! I first photographed them when their son was just a couple months old. He is growing into a strong, energetic little boy! He kept me busy by running and round and playing games of chase. For the toddlers, I love bringing out bubbles. Their gaze of amazement and wonder is delightful. The true innocence of joy is captured from those bubbles!

Some parents wonder how I will photograph active toddlers. I focus on achieving at least one posed image of the child, however, the most important aspect in my opinion is to keep the little one happy! We do this by playing games and interacting with the child. Some of my favorite activities are:

  • Playing with bubbles. As in this session, the kids usually love chasing them. It encourages genuine smiles and laughter.
  • Climbing on dad. Whether dad puts the child on his shoulders or raises them in the air, it usually pretty entertaining.
  • Holding hands and walking. If parents want to swing their child, they can. Although, I am careful of nurse maid’s elbow!
  • Running under a quilt. Parents hold the blanket in the air, while the child runs underneath avoiding having the quilt fall on them.
  • Cuddle with mom. Of course toddlers love mom’s loving hugs and eskimo kisses.
  • It helps to have a small reward at the end like fruit snacks or a lollipop once the session is over.

I always enjoy learning about meeting developmental needs of children. The teacher in me, is always wanting to integrate childhood social-emotional, cognitive, and motor development with photography. This article is informative on helping younger children remain engaged and happy.

View other maternity sessions on the blog. It is a joy to capture these memories that seem to be long stages of life and create your family’s story.

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