Bluebonnet Photography in Flower Mound

Bluebonnet Photography in Flower Mound

During the height of bluebonnet season our state and nation was hit by the devastation of COVID-19. Not only our nation, but much of the world was impacted by this crisis. The chaos is revolving around death and the destruction of the economy. Our community closed all non-essential businesses leaving only restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies open. Many entrepreneurs could not provide their services or product for the safety of the greater society. Only history will tell the entire story of the unfolding circumstances.

I have to admit a multitude of emotions rolled through my mind and charged my body with a type of nervous energy I could not control. Only vigorous exercise could ease the sense of uneasiness. Although I felt rather apathetic, I brought my girls to a nearby bluebonnet location. It is special because every Easter three crosses are posted on the the top of the hill. The location, known as The Flower Mound, is the namesake of our town. Now that I look back to one month when these photos were taken, I am thankful we ventured out for photos. My own daughters’ bluebonnet pictures were overdue.

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Thoughts on COVID-19

COVID-19 is an extremely intricate, evolving, and complicated topic. One thing I realize right now in the midst of COVID-19, is that I have solidified many aspects of my life that I took for granted just six weeks ago. First of all, the freedom to worship and gather every Sunday has been paused. Honestly, I never imagined not being able to attend church. I only thought dictatorship nations prohibited worship. I miss singing the hymns and passing the Peace with my friends. I miss the consistency of school and the friendly faces my children see daily. I miss driving my daughter to lacrosse practice. I have missed the opportunity to see my oldest perform in all county choir. I have realized how much I love photography, and how it makes my mind thrive. During this time of shelter in place, stay at home, I have missed the opportunity to exercise my mind. I felt idle and needed stimulation. Although I am an introvert, I miss the smiles and times spent with my friends and family. Also, I miss the opportunity to earn money. Not one, but both of my income sources were prohibited. Photography was halted, and substitute teaching is now impossible with school canceled. So much in the life BEFORE COVID was not fully appreciated. When we return to life, I will try to take in every day with appreciation and gratitude.

Until our new normal returns, I beg you to support locally owned small businesses. These owners are putting everything they have in this. Please help them survive.

Epic Gelato | Edison Coffee | Hive Bakery | J. Macklin Grill | Novel Coffee | The Tavern

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