Green Acres Park Family Portraits

Green Acres Park Family Portraits

This sweet family drove all the way from Dallas to have their family portraits taken at Green Acres Park in Flower Mound. It’s such a lovely park with plentiful trees, walking paths, and open spaces. I think it is especially welcoming to small children. They enjoy the open space and love exploring! This family had a one year old who loved exploring this location. As a result, the portraits are somewhat more candid. The mom and dad loved the lifestyle of their portraits. They perfectly capture the stage in life of their children.

Through the years, Green Acres Park has been one of my favorite locations. View portraits taken at this location in the past. Scenery not featured in this session include metal silos, a white picket fence, and a wild flower garden. Through the seasons, the park is beautiful. It is vibrant green in spring and lovely golden in the fall. Not to mention, sunset turns the trees an amazing golden at just the right time. Mornings are beautiful with crisp light. You can’t go wrong here!

Interested in scheduling portraits with Jennifer Carley Photography?

Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your portraits. Fall season is the busiest of all year. It is common to start booking for September and November as early as July! Other times of the year are usually booked at least one month in advance. Weekends are the first to fill up, followed by Fridays. Weekdays and Sundays have limited availability as they are reserved for family time.

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