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Richardson First Birthday Photography

First Birthday Photography, Old Town Lewisville

Richardson, Tx First Birthday Photography – We celebrated this sweet baby’s first birthday by photographing her cake smash at Old Town Lewisville. I knew the red bud trees were blooming beautiful pinkish purple flowers, so I envisioned it to be a lovely match for this pretty in pink baby! Her parents brought props from her birthday party! I thought that was a great use of the materials they already had. We used her balloon archway behind her to create a fun background. Her highchair “one” sign worked well for the wooden crate I brought along. I encouraged her mom to bring any sentimental objects along too! She brought a special brush and a quilt that a relative made. Including meaningful items in portraits adds a special connection to the pictures.

Tips for Planning a Cake Smash

Plan your baby’s cake smash pictures close to the first birthday. The time of year will determine if the photos will take place outside or indoors. Winter pictures will most likely have a studio setting. At cake smashes many babies have had minimal exposure to sweet foods such as cake and icing. It is a good idea to bring along a small treat your child enjoys eating like cheerios, puffs, or raisins to place on top of the cake. A familiar snack on the cake will entice the baby to touch and reach for the cake. Usually this simple step gets the cake smash started and the baby interested.

At first birthday portrait sessions, the first pictures I take are the baby in a nice outfit and family pictures. After the milestone pictures, the baby will change clothes for the cake portion. Bring along lots of baby wipes to clean up baby for the car ride home. I often bring along a cake stand, wooden crate, and a small stool to use for props.

I recommend a one hour portrait session for a first birthday milestone session. This allows time for outfit changes, prop changes, and gives time for the baby to have a snack or drink a bottle.

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