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Grapevine Colleyville Photographer

Grapevine Colleyville Photographer at Grapevine Botanic Gardens

These lovely fall portraits were taken in mid October. The weather was still a bit warm, but the plants were blooming beautifully and the grass was lush green. It was a great time to have portraits taken that could easily reflect a spring or summer session. The colors the family chose were perfect for the vibrant hues in the garden. They dressed up in semiformal wardrobe, which always photographs nicely. It gives a classic and timeless look to the portraits. Clients never regret dressing well for pictures.

View portraits taken at the Grapevine Botanic Gardens by tapping here.

Gardens for Many Occasions

The gardens are a lovely location not only for family portraits, but also couple and milestone pictures. The portraits below were taken in June, July, and August. Visit the gardens in March through May to discover beautiful spring flowers such as tulips! The flowers are changed throughout the seasons to survive the weather of each time period. The only time of year I would not recommend the garden would be in the winter. It is not as vibrant that time of year. I have many other alternate locations that photograph well December through February.

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