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Grapevine Botanic Garden Family Portraits

Grapevine Botanic Garden Family Portraits – I met this family at Grapevine Botanic Gardens in October to photograph their fall portraits. It was earlier in the fall season when everything was still green and vibrant. The lush vegetation provided beautiful colors for their holiday portraits. The mother daughter outfits were gorgeous! The floral prints were perfect for the gardens. Such vibrant colors created a unique look for the holiday season.

Learn about Grapevine Botanic Gardens

The gardens are located quite close to Main Street Grapevine. They are nestled on a quiet side street. The gardens are a quaint size perfect for young visitors or guests with limited mobility. Young children are attracted to the gardens because many flowers and plants are right at their eye level. They love to look at all of the different plants. Many little ones also find lots of creepy crawlies like lady bugs, butter flies, and pill bugs. Small children are so enthralled with all the sights of life! Inquisitive youngsters will also enjoy the large koi fish that swim under the bridges. Small children are captivated by these colorful fish.

As for photography, the gardens are a lovely location to use for portraits. They are always well maintained through every season. The best times of year to use the gardens for portraits are spring, summer, and fall. During each season, lovely flowers are featured in the beds. The trees bloom with vibrant colors. During hot seasons, it’s a good idea to bring along mosquito repellant. Like most places during the winter in Dallas, the gardens are not as vibrant. Luckily, there are winter options at other locations.

View portraits taken at Grapevine Botanic Gardens.

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