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Family Photography at Murrell Park – The Key to Photographing Young Children

The Key to Photographing Young Children – Family Photography at Murrell Park

When I photograph young children, I have to develop a workflow ahead of time. This includes the types of poses and prompts I will use from the beginning to the end of the session. Especially with young children, I have to be flexible knowing my “plan” could change. Anyhow, it’s always best to arrive at the session with a roadmap of how to photograph a family with many young children.

This family was so fun! They have four children, including a baby, toddler, preschooler, and young school age. I hit the jackpot with having a child in every stage of young childhood! So fun and full of energy.

First Thing’s First- The Family

At the very start of the session, photograph the family. Make sure to capture that portrait with everyone looking at the camera all standing. This is the one grandma is going to show to all of her friends! We start the session serious and posed to ensure we get the “golden shot”. Later, we can add in some fun and energy. Next I capture a family portrait sitting on a blanket. This pose encourages more interaction, laughter, and silliness.

Kids with their Parents

Next, I remove mom or dad from the kids. Then I photograph mom and children photos, followed by dad and children photos. Depending on the personalities of the family members, these portraits can be posed or more playful. Sometimes the dad portraits are more playful, while the portraits with mom are nurturing.

Siblings and Individual

At this time, things get silly and fun! Usually, the younger the children, the more silly it gets. This will perfectly capture the ages and stages of your children. Remember to keep smiling and laughing!

Individual Portraits and SNACK TIME!

When I snapped individual pictures of the children, mom gave the kids their own snacks. She brought plain pretzels which are perfect! They do not create a mess. Also the children’s teeth and face stay pretty clean with these! Please don’t bring juice, Cheetos, fruit snacks, or any food or drink that has bright colors that will stain teeth, skin, or clothes. Cheerios and pretzels are great options and plain old water is great!

Don’t Forget Mom and Dad!

These parents were so thoughtful and brought along a favorite aunt to help wrangle the kids! When mom and dad were photographed, aunt was playing games and supervising the kids close by. These is very helpful especially when you have small children.

Sometimes a child feels lonely, and has to join the parents in their portrait! Notice their two year old running towards his parents. So sweet!

Play Time

Lastly, time permitting there is usually some play time. These create lots of laughs and happiness, which lends itself to a candid portrait.

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