Grapevine Botanic Garden Portraits

Portraits at Grapevine Botanic Garden

Portraits at Grapevine Botanic Garden

This couple was visiting Texas from New Zealand and wanted some portraits taken during their time in the United States. The young lady is a native Texan. Her mate is from New Zealand. It was his first time to visit Texas. It really is true that EVERYTHING in Texas is HUGE. I even thought that when I moved from Florida to Texas! There is truly nothing like Texas. It’s wonderful! The Southern hospitality is real. The options for dining and shopping are infinite. Go to Dallas for the city. Visit Ft Worth for the cowboys. Stay in Austin for the funky charm. Spend time in San Antonio for the southwest vibes.

Grapevine Botanic Garden

I love choosing Grapevine Botanic Garden in the summer because it is so shaded! Mornings are the best time to go. It’s generally a bit cooler at the gardens than the rest of the area. In the morning, the sprinklers have just finished cooling off the grounds. The lush greenery and seasonal flowers photograph very well. The gardens are perfect for families, young children, and maternity. There are plenty of little paths to take away from other visitors. I have even managed to photograph beautiful sessions during a homecoming invasion of couples before the dance!

Grapevine Botanic Garden Family Portraits
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